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GSG 1911 Long Barrel Pistol Black

GSG 1911
Calibre: .22 LR
Barrel Length: 10.5"
Long Barrel Pistol
Semi Auto
The Iconic 1911 long barreled pistol section 1, built specifically by GSG for the UK market, features ergonomic none-removable arm brace, styled with imitation moderator, single action trigger.
Mag capacity: 10 round
Trigger weight: 4,19-5, 51 LB (Single Action
Custom pistol egg shell foamed case
Tool Kit
4 Spare Front Sight Different Heights
Breach Safety
The pistol has a number of different safety features on top of the standard Colt 45 type. It will not allow you to fire the gun when the magazine is removed, meaning no dry firing potentially.
Comes with 1 x 10rd magazine
Spare Magazines Available At £35.00
This item requires a UK FAC so may show as “out of stock on the mobile web version” and cannot be purchased on the internet please call us on 07734101269 to purchase
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Condition New